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Friday, May 23, 2008

"TO DO" Item 947

You know it's a busy week when in the order of importance "update blog" falls WAY down the list.

Here's what I've been doing this week:

I worked from 6:45a-5:00p M-W. Drive time was only 35 minutes each morning, but probably due to the weather my average drive time home was over an hour!

After work each night I went over to the Anoka house, a.k.a "Party Central". This usually involved a couple of Home Depot visits each night to pick up paint, supplies, and order the carpet. For some reason the carpet ordering took a half hour, which is way long considering all that needed to be done was to finalize an existing quote. The house is looking great! As of Friday morning most of the upstairs is painted. We nailed dead on the paint color we wanted for the front entry/upstairs hall.

Wednesday I had to check in (for the last time) with Ramsay County, so this involved a after-work drive to downtown St. Paul. Ironically enough this was one of my easiest commutes home (Bloomington to Coon Rapids via St. Paul?)

We're going out of town this weekend so I mowed my yard and Randy's yard (so he could continue painting at Party Central). Of course it turned out my mower blade is way dull. Anyone know of a good place near Coon Rapids to have mower blades sharpened?

I have a bag of strawberry plants from Vanessa's sister's garden that NEED to get in the ground. I planned on doing it every evening from Monday through Wednesday, but it just didn't work out. So yesterday after mowing I dug into a sunny section of lawn to turn into my strawberry patch. I got a quarter of it done (about 20 sqft.) I need to get the rest done this morning and the plants in the ground before heading up north tomorrow morning.

I have to start going to the gym again or else choose to cancel my membership. I really need to get a weight workout in and I've skipped the last month. I went yesterday and will go again today and tomorrow morning before leaving. Hopefully I can pick it back up again after the holiday weekend.

"24" remains on pause in my garage, as I don't have extra hours available to run more than the 20 minutes of intervals I am planning on doing at the gym following weights.

Good news: I think I've found a good fit for Party Central with Eforce.

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