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Monday, May 12, 2008


... a sunny weekend day.

Yesterday, Sunday, after a Mother's Day brunch at OCB, I was able to enjoy the sun and the weekend simultaneously.

Eforce and I did about 7 miles or so of dirt biking up near Orrock, and then did a 2.5hr (approximately 7-8 mile) hike through Sand Dunes State Forest. It was quite sandy.

I still need to get out on my mountain bike sometime soon, but time is scarce.

Due to a bus party this weekend splitting up the Fab 4, I may make an appearance at the Superior 50K this weekend. Have not fully mentally recovered from the 100 last fall, however, as I feel a little anxious while thinking about it. But on the bright side, this might be the first race I finish at Superior that doesn't end with me stumbling up the gravel road at the end, sobbingly thankful to be finished.

I'm still trying to get my new camera cable squared away so I can post a picture, namely of Eforce on the dirt bike.

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