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Friday, May 23, 2008

Strawberry patch

FINALLY! On Sunday I had picked up a huge bag of strawberry plants from Vanessa. They had been pulled from her sister's garden, partially at my request as I had told her I would love some!

And I did want the strawberries. Just not all the work.

I meant to get them planted on Monday night. And Tuesday night. But I just had way too much else going on and usually didn't get home until too late.

Oh, and did I mention I didn't actually have a garden, either?

So between a couple hours yesterday and about 5 hours today I created a garden (20ft by 4ft) and planted 51 strawberry plants. Now I just have to hope that they start to grow and that the rabbits/deer don't eat them.
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if the critters don't get them they'll probably take over your yard and your neighbors as well. Those things can spread fast.

SteveQ said...

Get some mesh screen to put over them and most of the critters won't get to them (though I've had a few that learned how).

June bearing or ever-bearing?

Diane said...

I have heard that strawberries can take over... that's how I ended up inheriting all that I got!

Steve, I believe they are ever-bearing (because that's what my friend thinks her sister said). I hope that is the case! Thanks for the screen suggestion.