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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The haunting of Glove Lake

This weekend we were up in Wirt, MN. Our original plan was to stay at a resort on Saturday night and then camp at this idyllic campsite on Sunday night, a repeat of the trip we took last Memorial Day. Plans changed, however...

We were sitting at the resort bar late on Saturday night when we brought up with the other bar patrons our plan to stay at Glove lake the next night. The bar immediately became silent. I guess local lore is that Glove lake is haunted and most people won't even go there during the day. One of the men said a couple times he wouldn't camp out there for any amount of money. One woman swore up and down that years ago (late '80's) she was there with some friends. They had found a rock in the shape of an indian head and threw it into the water. Immediately, so she says, dark clouds rolled in and covered the sun and it started to thunder and lightning. She was very serious about this.

We questioned the resort owners the next day and they assured us that these people weren't just fooling with us; they really do believe that there are bad spirits there and would not camp out there for anything.

Four of us had camped out there last Memorial Day weekend and none of us had any bad feeling about it. In fact, we loved the place and immediately made plans to come back in 2008. The sun was out, we played in the water, and sat and relaxed by the campfire.

We weren't afraid of "spirits" this year, but we were repulsed by the documented fact that in 1990 a woman did shoot herself at the campsite, leaning against a tree. Knowing that we did not want to go back and camp there.

We sent Eforce, the Nightman, and J out to Glove Lake to check it out yesterday during the day. They threw rocks of various sizes/shapes into the water with no response. They looked for bullet holes in trees, but really didn't find one.

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