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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quick update for Facebook friends

I joined Facebook at the beginning of last week and suddenly I found myself with renewed contact (albeit very casual contact) with many friends from the past, a great many of whom I've had limited/no contact with since high school graduation in 1996.

I decided to do a quickie life update covering the last 12 years for those who care. I limited myself to 30secs of thought per year:

1996: Graduated from Eden Prairie High School. Left to go to college in Bemidji. Came back home to the Twin Cities after one quarter.

1997: Started at the U of MN. Went out to Glacier Nat'l Park and Yellowstone with Nora and PeeWee.

1998: Was a nanny in Washington DC for 8 weeks over the summer. Hot air balloon ride with Kristin. Another trip west with Nora. Moved out of mom and dad's. Started work at Northwest Airlines. Started working at Walmart.

1999: Moved back home. Quit the airlines. Went back to school.

2000: Spent 4 weeks in St. Petersburg, Russia.

2001: Started nannying part time along with Walmart. Moved out to Plymouth. Got a kitten.

2002: Moved back home. Went back to school. Met the main players in the Fab Four. Trip out west with Nora (Crater Lake, Tetons).

2003: Started mountain biking, some grouse hunting, went to Mazatlan and broke my foot. Ran the Jamaica Reggae marathon. Camped in Denali with Nora.

2004: Finally graduated from the U of MN with a degree in Russian language and literature. Moved to Washington DC for a ophthalmic technologist training program. Dropped out of school after 3 months.

2005: Moved back to MN. Bought a townhouse in Shoreview. Ran the Superior 50 mile trail run.

2006: Qualified for the Boston marathon.

2007: Ran the Boston marathon. Ran the Superior Trail 100 mile trail run. Sold the townhouse, bought a house in Coon Rapids. Two mountain climbing trips out to Wyoming.

2008: Bought a 2nd house in Anoka. I've run 3 50K trail races this year.

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