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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A great new idea!

I was running on my treadmill tonight and super unmotivated. So I came up with a new idea for an interesting workout. No, I didn't do the work out tonight. I'm often much more interested in living in my head and coming up with great plans and ideas than I am in actually following through all the steps necessary to put the ideas into play.

[10 minute mile, 9 minute mile, 8 minute mile, 7 minute mile] repeat ad nauseum.

And that's really all the further I can press that idea for now due to lack of speed/endurance. I could maybe/probably throw in a half-mile repeat at faster-than-7min/mile, but I'm not really sure. I probably should throw in a minute of walking in there a few times, too.

What did I do tonight? The above one time, followed by 4 minutes of walking at an incline to finish off my episode of "24".

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