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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random thoughts:

I just finished Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers". I LOVE all his books and highly recommend them.

I bought a 2005 Chevy Tahoe on Monday on my lunchbreak. It has 70K miles on it and is fully loaded with all sorts of upgrades, most of which I will enjoy. I will for sure love the heated leather seats come this winter (and the 4WD). We're planning on taking the Tahoe to Wyoming with us in July to pull the camper to "home base" in Buffalo, and then using the 4WD to get us closer to mountain trailheads. The Tahoe has a DVD player for the 2nd row seating and we've already told the Enforcer he needs to watch "Point Break" at least once on the trip to remember to act like a "dude".

I hiked about 4.5 miles in a 20lb weight vest this evening up at Sherburne Wildlife Refuge. I would say that I enjoyed the sounds of nature--I was the only vehicle at the parking lot--but actually I listened to "This American Life" on my ipod.

My treadmill is still not put together. I could attempt it myself, but from the reviews online I've been warned that it really is a 2 hour project for 2 people and since it may involve schlepping around 100+lb parts, I don't think the math holds out that it would take 1 person (being me) 4 hours.

I think I used the word "schlepping" because the podcast I was listening to had a segment with two Jewish people talking. Or because there's a chapter in "Outliers" talking about Jewish lawyers.