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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Which is most ironic?

Eating Chinese food (take-out) while watching "Top Chef"?

Eating steak and venison sticks while browsing vegan recipes online?

Shooting up heroin while watching "Intervention"?

I enjoy the ironic. The third example I don't have personal experience with, but the story was relayed to me by another person (also not the heroin user). I laughed, because I'm sure they didn't notice their own irony.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekly Running Update (11/4 -11/10/09)

Weekly running mileage: 46 miles (planned 66 miles)

Wednesday: 6 miles at 5.5mph (planned 6 miles). Still chugging away at the first season of "Lost". Very motivating and entertaining.

Thursday: 8 miles at 6.7mph + 8x0.06mi at 10mph (planned 8+ miles). Finished up "Lost". Onward to season 2. I'm not going to talk about the possible signs of over training I might be showing, or the slight calf pain.

Friday: 12 miles (planned 12 miles). Slept like crap the night last night, and for that matter, the night previous to that. After the run, is that MORE calf pain? Does my HEEL hurt?

Saturday: 6 miles at 5.5mph (planned 6 miles). At about 4 miles in I should have stopped. Probably should have just skipped it because I hurt most of the run.

Sunday: 11 miles (planned 11 miles). Wasn't sure whether to do it or not, but did. Felt fine the entire time and afterwards. You know what I think part of the problem is? I think my shorter runs are WAY too slow, because those short and slow runs are the worst. I feel fine with longer and faster runs.

Monday: 0 miles (planned 6 miles). Had dinner with a few friends after work and didn't get home until 11:30p. Probably doesn't hurt to take a day off.

Tuesday: 3 miles (planned 17 miles). I had to really convince myself to even start this run, as I just didn't feel like doing it. I really think I could have done this run, but after 3 miles I decided to stop. I kind of regret that decision now (at 10:30p), but it just is the way it is.

The main reason I felt like I was possibly over-training was because I slept like crap all week: tossing, turning, crazy dreams, never waking feeling rested. Felt like I was getting a cold, kind of, but not really. The weird calf-pain is probably mileage induced (too much over too short of time).

Plan for next week will be to step back on miles, run the shorter recovery runs faster to see if that helps.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekly Running Update (10/28 -11/3/09)

Weekly running mileage: 50 miles (planned 50 miles)

Wednesday: 6 miles at 5.5mph (planned 0 miles)

Thursday: 9 miles at 6.7 mph (planned 6 miles)

Friday: 0 miles (planned 9 miles). Worked all day before taking the camper on a journey up to the Two Harbor's hunting land. I was not going to get up at 4:30 to do this run before leaving.

Saturday: 6 miles at 5.5mph (planned 6 miles). I give myself a "C+" for camper parking. This involved backing the camper down a narrow rough little logging road, attempting to keep it "level", jacking up and removing the two tires to keep it from running off. Well, I backed it in without breaking anything It's really not level, although could be, if I'd been able to successfully jack it up all the way. Only got one tire removed. I doubt anyone will steal it before RR can fix it location next Saturday and get the other tire off.

Sunday: 10+ miles 6.7mph (planned 10+ miles). Still watching the first season of "Lost". I though I'd already seen it all, but I guess I must have previously only watched the first two DVD's.

Monday: 6 miles at 5.5mph (planned 6 miles)

Tuesday: 13 miles at average of 6.09mph (planned 13 miles). Took about an hour break after 1.19 miles to receive some freshly processed mule deer venison, fresh from RR and V's hunting trip.

My runs this week were a little re-arranged from what was originally planned, but I successfully finished the week without having to be up early.