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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My gym workout

I ended up driving over to the gym tonight to finish up a workout that was waylaid by an impromptu Wyoming Wilderness planning meeting that suddenly convened in my garage. At its conclusion it was too late for me to risk disturbing the neighbors with the sound of "24" gunfire and explosions, erupting from my t.v. at volumes loud enough to overcome my squeaky treadmill.

Lifetime Fitness, of which I am a member, is 1/2 a mile away from my house. I sometimes act like it's a huge inconvenience to go there; it's not.

I did one of my favorite "gym treadmill workouts": 60 minutes on the "random setting" and level 20, at 3.5mph. Level 20 randomly switches around between 9-15% incline. I do this workout as an interval session by running every 4th minute at 6mph (10 minute mile). It's luck of the draw: I don't know what incline level the 4th minute will be. 9% ends up feeling "easy" quite quickly, because running a minute at 12-15% incline is a BEAR.

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