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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shopping deals

I am using some of my excess funds to finish up my summer camping supply shopping on Monday night. Here's what I scored:

At REI I bought a water filter (Katadyn HikerPro $74.99), a new purse ($34.99), and some tent waterproofing ($19.99). I had a 20% off coupon (used on the filter) and had $66 of dividends, so my grand total was about $30.

At Cabela's I bought a new handheld flashlight (Cabela's brand, 5LED with a laser option $29.99), a couple of packs of clearance duracell batteries (2pks of AAA for $0.88!), and something else I can't think of. I had a $25 gift card and a $15 gift certificate, so my grand total was $10.


grimeyrunner said...

Wow! Killer deals!
That new purse should come in handy on your next camping trip. I'm assuming it's made of Cordura and has a waterbottle pocket.

Diane said...

The purse I got does have larger version with the waterbottle pocket... how'd you know? I guess "REI" gave it away! ;-)