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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Travel Trailer

We (the Fab 4) are finishing up purchasing a travel trailer for ourselves.

It's a 2000 Flagstaff Shamrock 21' camper. The pictures are not of the actual one we're buying (we're not buying one from a dealer in WA), but the pictures ARE what ours looks like.

I'll have 1/6 ownership in it, as will the Enforcer. R and V will each have 1/3 ownership, as they will be using it for MN hunting in the fall. Essentially I'll be paying about $40/month. We'll use the camper for trips to Wyoming the next few years, saving a LOT of money in hotels and also giving us a way to bring our mountain bikes with us.

We'll hopefully have it in time for next weekend to go up north.



this is a great idea! Now if I just had four friends I'd be set. Kidding. I think.
We've talked about buying property with some friends. None of us are having children so we'll probably depend on each other later in life. Kind of communal living for independent seniors.

Diane said...

We think it's a great idea, too! Right now we're all in our 30's and 40's (well... I'll be 30 in two weeks). Since none of us are married, we've got each other and, well, why not? I can understand your thoughts for your future, too... not everyone falls into the "married with kids" mold.