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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Real Vacation Update #1

There's still a lot of snow up the peaks, so we are in a holding pattern for now. The area received a lot of late May precipitation. It's melting fast, so we may just need to wait a week. Our number one goal is still to climb Francs Peak, and due to snow we may have to forego Darton Peak this year.

We did a 10 mile hike to about 8750' on Saturday. Long story, but we ended up coming too close for comfort to running out of gas coming back down the mountains to Buffalo. We put the car in neutral and coasted down the hills.

Yesterday RR and I rented mountain bikes, had Eforce drive us 20 miles up the road into the mountains, and then we blasted down. He had us clocked at 53 mph during some sections. We're going for a repeat today and I'm going to wear my GPS and see if I can get a more accurate reading. We had some Forcer-snafus that caused us to have to start over a few times. We did the last 5 miles of big hills 3 times!

Today we're climbing Hazelton Peak and will finally get some elevation (10,500'). We chose not to do it yesterday due to a late start and the possibility of storms rumbling through. Sure enough, while biking we could see angry dark storm clouds in that vincinity and as we ate dinner at El Sol Vallarta the storm made it into town (Buffalo, WY: home base for now).

We did get out of town, but late: 9pm, putting us into Al's Oasis at 4:00am.


SteveQ said...

I'm trying to match your climbs in elevation with my running here on the puny local ski hills. Can't stay with the speed of the bikes, though; my GPS had me top out at 22 mph.

It's hard to keep up with your cast of characters - is the full Fantastic 4 there?

Anonymous said...

Where does DAnce in the Rain come from?......stew

Diane said...

"Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain" : this quote I found and kind of liked. Hopefully I don't get tired of it because it's now immortalized in the blog. At least a portion of it is. I suppose I could write a new quote surrounding that snippet if I had to.

The whole Fab 4 is here and in fine form. We didn't re-clock the bikes yesterday, so we're sticking with the 53mph max.