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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good customer service

We ended up renting our Impala from Hertz in Blaine. Heidi, the staff member who helped us mainly, was SUPER helpful. When I called on Thursday night asking if any full size sedans would be returned to them for us to get on Friday before we left she:

-Offered us a Sante Fe at a $50 discount as the gas mileage wouldn't be as good as an Impala.
-Looked up in their system to see that an Impala WAS scheduled to be returned at 9am Friday.
-Let us take the Santa Fe and their staff would drive the Impala to the Force's workplace on Friday to exchange it.
-Would still give us at least $25 discount even if we got the Impala because of the hassle we had.

Found out later that when the Impala was NOT returned as scheduled, she had someone drive one up from their Brooklyn Park location to Blaine for us.

Thanks for the great customer service!

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