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Monday, July 28, 2008

Treadmill Day 34; "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

I started Season 1 last week and am now about 4 episodes into it. I have 5 of the 6 seasons at my house right now, on loan from my dad. The show comes highly recommended by him and my brothers. Thus far I am amused, but not yet drawn into it. Some scenes really crack me up; others are a little slow. I think this might end up being a show that is better watched sitting on a couch instead of running on a treadmill.

Ran 9.75 miles today. 8 miles at 7.1mph (8m30s miles). Did two miles at a time with a minute or so drink break and rest which I really needed. Also did 10 sets of 0.06mile intervals of 10mph.

Last week I did 5.5 miles on 7/19. Also did some intervals (1 minute at 9mph x 4) for a total of 2.75 miles on 7/22.

Total treadmill miles: 43.25.


SteveQ said...

Most people would say you did 100 meter repeats at 6 min./mile, rather than "10 sets of 0.06 mile intervals of 10mph." That's actually funnier than "Curb your Enthusiasm" ever gets.

Diane said...

Welcome to the world of treadmill running, where distances are measured in fractions of miles and speed in miles per hour!

(Actually, my new treadmill WILL tell me the actual pace a given mph equates to).