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Monday, July 7, 2008


Some of these posts most be awfully boring, as I am just spitting out random stream-of-consciousness type ramblings.

One book I tried reading that I just couldn't handle was James Joyce's "Ulysses." Couldn't do it.

I also had a bit of a hard time getting into Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness", although I did manage to finish it. I loved "Apocalypse Now". I like most war movies in general.

I've read a ton of Russian literature (it was my major), a lot of history (especially Russian history).

On the trip this year I brought a memoir on Africa, "Cidar House Rules", and two others I can't think of.

I really recommend "Lone Survivor" (I brought on trip last year). VERY good book. I also brought another book on African history last fall that was very good--can't remember the title. It was about the genocide and murder and what-not in Rwanda, Somalia, and the Sudan.

I have a key chain from Khartoum, brought to me by a co-worker in Washington DC who went there to visit family. That bit of info is TOTALLY stream of consciousness.

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SteveQ said...

I liked "Cider House Rules" much more than I expected I would; Irving's books aren't my favorites (the absolute worst are the early ones. "The 158 lb. Marriage" leaps to mind).

I read "Ulysses" but can't say I got anything out of it. Couldn't finish "Finnegan's Wake."

Now Conrad I enjoy. "Nostromo" was a surprising joy.

Could you be thinking of "A Problem From Hell" by Samantha Power? I used to trade e-mails with her before she got the Pulitzer. We met once and she laughed really hard when I said I never married because "my standards are too high - I'm waiting for someone who can tolerate me."