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Monday, July 14, 2008

Still alive...

I wish I could say that I intentionally had my last post predicting a bear attack to be followed by 3 days of silence. Man, that would have been awesome to have planned it that way!

Actually I aimed to squeak out as many posts as I had could sneak in before leaving. My goal was one to pop up each day, but I ran out of time to get any in for after the 10th of July.

Never did get back to a computer after the 3rd of July, so there were no more real time updates.

I have a bazillion emails to go through (both work and personal), a stack of mail 6" high, and I have to dive back into work in less than 5 hours. I guess that's what is to be expected when one takes a 16 day vacation.

I'll try to update tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you were only mauled by your email and not a bear. I was looking forward to a good story about bear spray and if it really works.......stew

Diane said...

I don't have any first hand knowledge about whether the bear spray works for bears, but I do know if you spray it downwind, if the wind shifts a bit and we breathe in any, our throats DO start to tickle. I would not want a face-full of that stuff!