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Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Deck at Party Central

We refer to my house in Anoka as "Party Central". This name came about when the Enforcer and Big Scotty were going to live there together. Alas, the Big Scotty thing didn't work out, but the name has stuck.

Before leaving for Wyoming Randy blasted out the old concrete patio slab at Party Central with the intention of replacing it and the patio door after we returned. (He also did all my concrete work at my house in Coon Rapids, so I know he does really good work with concrete as well as everything else).

Last week we got to talking: Party Central has a deck that runs 2/3rds of the way across the back of the house. The strange thing about this deck is that it is about 2 feet off the ground with no step up to it. We would either have to keep the concrete at ground level (a step down from the patio door) and add a wooden step to the deck or have the concrete level to the patio door but have an inconsistent step size from the concrete to the surrounding ground (which would look weird). Then RR came up with the idea of building a continuation of the deck at the lower level (one step down from the original deck, level with the patio door). The deck would flow nicer and look more complete.

RR also painted the deck. This army brown color (brown with a hint of green) will be the color I repaint the house somewhere down the road.


Mike T Nelson said...

Looks sweet! When is the next party and where is my invite? I can bring some kettlebells over! Maybe a group KB session?
Rock on

Diane said...

Eforce is going to have a guys-only stripper party in September; you'll have to make it! I'm not sure if the kettlebells will fit in that night or not...