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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unhealthy eating

Probably one of the most unhealthy snacks I've ever sat down to eat on multiple occasions are pretzels dipped in cream cheese. Very yummy, but a pretzel can really scoop up a lot of cream cheese.

I like pretzels to snack on, but they are very dry. I do not want to choke, nor faint.

I also really like jelly beans. For awhile I loved the Starburst brand jelly beans. Now I really enjoy the cheap jelly beans a person can find at the gas station. My favorite fake fruit flavor is orange. I believe my brother Joe and I agree that a person should eat all of one color before moving on to the next, but disagree about the best order. I usually eat the oranges last because they're the best.


Londell said...
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Londell said...

I try to find what i can eat with cream cheese... my vice... otherwise, i look funny spooning it out of the tub... I see you will not make Afton... Have a great trip!

SteveQ said...

If you're eating the every flavor jelly beans of Harry Potter fame, I'd save the earwax for last.

Corn chips (Doritos Blazin' Buffalo are the best)and ice cream are my downfalls. Haven't tried them together yet.

Diane said...

Thanks, Londell! Good luck at Afton!

Steve, I'd have to study the Harry Potter list o'beans to make a definitive decision which I'd save for last. Are you doing Afton?

I posted a "real" update this morning at a little cafe, but must now blast back to the hotel where my friends are probably almost ready to go. Catch you when I can!