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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A present for myself

I decided to get myself a present for my 30th b-day (coming up in August).

I thought about a trip to Mexico for a couple days of lying on the beach, but realistically I don't have anyone to travel with and would get bored pretty quickly by myself.

My puppy was born on Sunday, 6/22 and will be ready for me to pick-up after 8/10. I'll probably drive out there on 8/13. I'd originally planned on getting a puppy later in the fall, but this is just how it worked out. My b-day is the 11th, so it actually coincides with that quite nicely.

The litter has 5 females and 5 males, and I have a deposit on the first pick of the males.

I talked with the breeder, who lives in Brookings, SD, yesterday and while at the vet he learned all the pups are healthy. Unfortunately the vet, who was new to the practice, docked the tails of all the puppies to the incorrect length: instead of being 2/3rds the original length as the standard is, she docked them short and stubby like German pointers. Because of this I'll get a discount. The puppy is full breed and will have limited registration (can't be bred or shown in some situations). The incorrectly docked tail would make the puppy "undesireable" for showing anyway (if not completely ineligible for showing--not sure of the specifics). That's all fine.

I'll have pictures in a few weeks. 5 day old puppies are little blind blobs.



what flavor of puppy are you getting?


I just noticed the link on your post...Vizsla!
You are in for some work. Smart dogs they are. Now you'll either have to get a second treadmill or start running outside.
Also, get the little guy a jacket. He'll be cold with that short hair.

Diane said...

I am going to start running outside. The puppy and I will acclimate together as he gets older. I'm very cold-blooded myself, so I think we'll be a good fit. And I'm fairly smart, too... ;-)


I had a feeling you were fairly smart. Given that, I also figured you were capable of training him to run on the treadmill but I'm glad you two will acclimate together.
Have a great trip West!

Diane said...

I saw some cable show where the dog trainer had two small dogs on the treadmill together to learn to be part of the "pack" together. Vacation starts in 3 hours! See ya!

SteveQ said...

Those Viszla pups look like part Shar-pei, with all those wrinkles. Do you get to spend any time with the pup before he's officially yours?