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Monday, June 16, 2008

The easiest of weekend updates

My running update is the least complicated of the weekend:

On Friday I did 15 miles at 9min/mi. After finishing I did a 4 minute shower and raced out the door to Home Depot to buy 37" of base shoe 5 minutes before they finished so RR was able to finish my showcase bathroom in Anoka (pictures to follow).

On Saturday I did 11.5 miles at 9min/mi. I was planning on a solid 15 miles, but, well, situations arose with the treadmill (pictures and more lengthy story to follow). I did about 8 miles of mountain biking at Savanna Portage State Park.

On Sunday I did a 5 mile hike on my own, followed up with a 9 mile hike with the Force. Today I notice that my shins feel like crap. This is from walking on paved and gravel roads which was probably 60% of the miles I did. I run up on the balls of my feet and walking flat did me in.

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