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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pictures from Anoka (after)

The gold room is the Enforcer's room. What do you think about the french doors that we had installed for privacy? And the color is a very warm color, perfect the bachelor pad. The only color I enjoy more in the house is the upstairs bathroom(also pictured). The color is Amber Coast, and you can't tell, but with the black shower curtain the effect is very stunning.

I can't figure out how to format the pictures and my typing and I am not going to figure it out for this post. Sorry.

I have a couple of angles of the french doors. It's such a traditional look and really is an upgrade.

All the paint in the house is fresh. The color choices were made by my friend/carpentry contractor Randy, who has an amazing eye and outstanding workmanship.

The ladder picture is my attempt at "art".

The Enforcer moved in on Saturday.

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