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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Treadmill Days 1, 2, 3

Day 1 (6/21/08): Yippee! New Treadmill! I did a 10 mile run at 6.7mph. I took a 20 minute break to do a bear spray clinic in the back yard. We used last years bottle (which two people in our group have) to test the distance it sprays and the cloud pattern. Results? The bear spray shoots about 25ft with neutral wind. The cloud is actually quite large, which is good, since the Force has bad eyes. His and V's bottles only last 5 seconds in contrast to me and RR's bottles which last 9.2 seconds, with only 30g more liquid. Is it concentration of the bear spray per second of shot?

Day 2 (6/22/08): 10 mile run at 6.7mph. Took 2 x 5min breaks to collect money to buy bear spray and to acccept delivery of a weight bench from Eforce. I got my fan set up, but I still was sweating like a hog. Post-run we did another bear spray field test, doing a brief spray of mine to analyze the cloud size. We determined it's a little narrower of a cloud, but still sufficient, especially coupled with the long spray time availability. We determined we'll carry two of the larger cloud/shorter time and two of the narrower cloud/longer time bottles.

Day 3 (6/23/08): I'm down to my last two episodes of Season 6 of "24" (about 84 minutes or so)and I'd really like to finish up before leaving for Wyoming. I was going to walk on an inlince for at least one of the episodes last night but ultimately decided to skip it. Why? Well, I only got 3 hours of sleep Sunday night, I work 45-50 hours this week before leaving, we've decided to leave Friday night instead of Saturday morning and we'll be picking up the rental car Thursday night. The departure time change means I lose two evenings of getting ready to go other than packing, and as I have a work meeting on Wednesday night I am especially crunched for time. I decided I'd get more benefit by changing the rental car reservation and sleeping than I would from 45 minutes of walking at an incline.

Total treadmill miles: 20.

*Actually, I was told that as the floor model the treadmill received 46 miles logged, so in all actuality the number is 66, but I am going to ignore that and not really mention it again.


Michael said...

Well lets hope you don't have to actually deter any bears from mauling you. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Wyoming. I think we drove past Mt. Franc going from Thermopolis to Cody and it was snow capped. The Beartooth Mtns and the Big Horns also had plenty of snow. We saw plenty of wildlife, no bears, but plenty of sign "We have bear spray!".....Stew

Diane said...

Amongst the 4 of us going we each have a bottle of bear spray, so we should be covered if we do see a bear.

Francs Peak is out towards Cody and Meeteetsee, and is the tallest peak in the Absaroka range (I believe), so I wouldn't be surprised that there's still snow!