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Saturday, June 21, 2008

More details on the treadmill

I headed over to Northstar Fitness this afternoon to see what I could find. I spent probably 1 1/2 hours there with Dean the manager who was very knowledgeable and helpful. We literally walked around and talked about every treadmill and covered the differences, the bonuses, the drawbacks of every model of every brand they carried.

The Precor I am getting was a floor model that currently has about 46 miles on it. Big whoop. I saved $700 on it being a floor model. What's better is that they can deliver it tomorrow! I thought for sure I was going to have to wait until I was back from Wyoming, but nope. I'll be able to give it a run all this week before leaving, assuming I can find the time.

My garage is going to turn into a workout room I believe, and I'll park my car in the driveway. Now I just need some weights.

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SteveQ said...

Add a steamroom and I'll pay membership dues!