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Friday, June 27, 2008

So long, farewell

Well, the plan is to leave tonight between 6pm and 7pm. We'll stay the night at Al's Oasis/ Oasis Inn in Oacoma, SD. We are big fans of stopping to eat at Al's Oasis. In fact last fall V and RR bought gift cards for the Force and I for X-mas.

We have an Impala rented, after much headache and little assistance from Eforce. Let's just say the whole ordeal involved multiple phone calls back and forth, me talking to two different car places, questions that should have been asked NOT being asked, etc. But it's all good. We wanted an Impala for a good price and we have it.

All my stuff is packed, and anything I've forgotten I haven't realized yet. Everything should fit into the car like it did on two trips last year, but the car's not loaded, so again, we'll see. We'll (I'll) probably load everything up when I get home from work, hopefully by 5:15p.

Our plan is to climb Francs Peak (no, there is not an apostrophe) and Darton Peak. We'll stay Saturday and Sunday nights at Jay and Kim's cabins in Buffalo, like we have multiple nights on multiple past trips. Ralph is the old man who lives in the RV at the cabins, or at least he did last year. His daughter-in-law (or granddaughter-in-law) paints rocks to look like animals. I bought an owl one from him last 4th of July. Then in September when we were back I commissioned a matching owl. I've always wanted a piece of commissioned art. I'm not sure if any more rock-buying is in my future for this trip.

We'll probably stay a night or two in Tensleep, WY (tiny) and Meeteetsee, WY (teeny tiny). There's a big rodeo in Tensleep on the 4th that we might try to be at. We'll see how big it really is for a tiny town, but it was being advertised all the way back last October during hunting season.

I'd thought about having scheduled posts appear every day while I was gone for the entertainment of anyone checking in, but alas, that just didn't happen. I'm running out of time to make it happen, so I really may not post until 7/14/08. I may try posting/checking email/internet hopping from various hotels/coffee shops/other outlets along the way, but no guarantees.

Have a good holiday all! Good luck at Afton for anyone running!

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