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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Treadmill Day 81-87

My goal this week was to finish Season 6 of "The Shield". Ha!

Saturday, Sept. 13: I started the 1st episode and got about 10 minutes into it before I realized that I really didn't feel like running. So I stopped.

Sunday, Sept. 14: I had PLENTY of time to kill on this rainy afternoon that wouldn't allow me to golf. But I realized I still didn't feel like running, so I got stuff done around the house and watched 3 episodes of medical mysteries on TLC.

Monday, Sept. 15-18:Do you really want to hear the excuses why I didn't hit the treadmill at all? They involve a new renter moving in and me not wanting to keep her awake, going to a play that my co-worker is in, making a screen window, applying for part time jobs, packing for the boundary waters, and reading.

Friday, Sept. 19: Leaving for the Boundary Waters tomorrow morning for a hiking/backpacking trip. I think we're going to hike Angleworm trail.

Recap: Total of 123.8 treadmill miles. 0 miles for the week.

Whistlestop Marathon is still my intention for October 11th, although I'm woefully untrained.

My goal next week will be (again) to finish Season 6 of "The Shield". That's about 8.3 hours of running.


Londell said...

With the feeling like you do not need to run, maybe pretend you are burned out from the 100? Kidding. You have much stress right now. I can relate... I really need stress relief but just do not feel like running...

Diane said...

Yeah, I'd have to say what I feel isn't burnout, as I haven't been running/training much. But since I run for the fun of it (yes, even while scraping myself through long trail endeavors) if I don't feel like it, I'm not afraid to take a day off. Of course sometimes if a person is seriously training for something, you HAVE to push through the feelings.

SteveQ said...

I see the records for men my age and women your age are almost the same there, so we should be on an equal footing. Wanna race?

Diane said...

We SHOULD (and maybe WOULD) be on equal footing assuming we had equal running talent to begin with, which I don't think is the case. I started running in 2002. My fastest 5k (actually 3 miles) (on a treadmill) was 21 min. I couldn't keep up with you in mile races all the way up to marathon/50k distances (remember Trail Mix?). I think it's clear that you're the more talented when it comes to running. But heck, let's race; we'll see what happens.