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Sunday, September 14, 2008

My former alter-ego

Have I mentioned to anyone lately that I was part of the MN Rollergirls a few years ago?

Here's me, during my brief stint as Dr. D. Bauchery.

The pictures are from fall 2005. The profile is almost completely made up except for: RR has told me that my childhood was like Laura Ingalls (I think he made that comparison as recently as today). I also did use to enjoy White Russians (especially made with Vanilla Vodka).

I joined the summer of 2005 and played through the '05-06 season and began the '06 season, dropping out in the fall of 2006. Why? Because I just didn't care that much. I really enjoyed practicing and skating. I loved the speed drills and endurance drills. I had a great time throwing myself down on my knees (knee pads) and sliding. I just really did not care about the bouts at all. Or strategy. I REALLY didn't care, and that did not jive very well with most of the people on the league who were very passionate about rollerderby.

Fun while it lasted, though.


SteveQ said...

I am so impressed. You just keep coming up with more interesting stuff (we both seem to have an interest in trash culture). And now I have a new screen saver!

Diane said...

Well, roller derby was interesting, but I'd have to say I REALLY didn't fit in. It just wasn't who I was. The sport was kinda fun, though. "My ill-fitting former alter-ego" would be the wordy way to describe it.