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Monday, September 22, 2008

Feel the Burn

We had a great weekend in the BWCA (hiking, not canoeing).

We left Friday early afternoon and headed up through Two Harbors to Bear Head State Park. We got there rather late (7:30p), set up camp, and relaxed by the fire.

On Saturday morning before the rest of the group was up, I explored some of the park's trails. I walked a 5k loop with the NorthStar Trail Travelers Volksport group because they were there. The gentleman I walked with told me if I had enough energy I could walk the 2nd 5k loops they had, but alas, I had to get back to camp.

We hiked the Angleworm Trail that started 1/2 hour north of Ely. The weather was perfect: 65-70 degrees during the day and down to about 35-40 overnight. The leaves were just beginning to change.

The trail around the lake was advertised as 12, but we're guessing it to be closer to 16. We hiked 4.5 hours in on Saturday and 4.5 hours out on Sunday, all with 40lb packs (or so) on our backs. (Anyone want a way to feel like the Superior hiking trail races are EASY...? Wear a pack for a few hours of hiking before the race starts and your feet will fly over the trails!).

My legs have that pleasant sore feeling they get when I really push myself, and it feels good.


Londell said...

I also used to feel light after taking the pack off but I used to have balance issues for a few minutes. Sounds like a great stress reduction trip. I need to take one of those..

Diane said...

Yeah, those few minutes of balance problems are pretty funky! It was a great trip, although pretty short.

SteveQ said...

I'd like to drive up north, climb Eagle Mountain and come back the same day; there's not many more empty weekends to do it, though. That Arrowhead seems to have pierced me through.

BTW, today's security capcha for me below this is a swear word!

Diane said...

A swear word?! Crazy blogger security people.

Last time on commented on one of your posts I almost made mention of my "word" because it was my initials embedded in my name!