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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My new camera; Ask and Ye shall receive

I bought a digital camera tonight. I'm WAY too tired to play with it right now, but I hope to finally be able to post some pictures, not only on this site but at other times as well.

This morning (earlier this week?) I was a little bummed because I'd like to do more races this year, but money is very tight and I wasn't sure how I was going to finance all I wanted to do. Part of me was thinking to play it safe and just not spend, but another part was thinking that since I don't do anything in these long MN winters I should just use my credit card or something and then tighten up come next winter.

At work I just had a review and received a raise last week: enough to help a little bit on a weekly basis, but nothing huge. Today I found out that there was a problem... instead of a raise I'd get the same percentage but as a lump sum bonus... Friday. Now I can register for some races.


grimeyrunner said...

It always works out just as it's supposed to.
A new camera and a pile o'cash. Sounds like a nice way to end a week!

Joel said...

Pete directed me to your blog. Wow. You run this much on a treadmill? Indoors?

Pete also introduced me to a cool Timbuktu camera case. I carry my camera on almost all my runs now.

Hope to see you out at a race or a trail one of these days.

Diane said...

Thanks, Joel, for the suggestion on the camera case! I picked up a cheap one at Walmart and am not sure of my review yet!

Yes, I do run that much on the treadmill, and yes, indoors (assuming my garage is considered indoors).

My treadmill record is 6hrs/30 miles done in January 2007.

Actually, now that I think about it, my only outdoor running in 2007 was the Boston Marathon and the Superior 100. Crazy.

I'll try to introduce myself at the next race we share!