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Friday, April 25, 2008

"24" Season 5

I did about 20 miles today while watching the first 5 episodes or so of Season 5 of "24". I've seen this season, but not the next one which I received for X-mas. I am anxious all of a sudden to get to it, so I'm re-watching this season to get me into it.

I did 9 minutes running (6.7mph), 2 minutes walking (4mph) x 18.

My treadmill moves backwards, about 4 feet an hour, so I must stop and push it forward every now and again. I wonder if I need to work that measurement into mileage calculations. I enjoy math, so I might have to consider doing that.

Darn it, I shouldn't have thought of that. <...math being done...>

Average running speed 6.19 mph on the treadmill moves me forward 0 miles.
Today's run of 20.52 miles took 3.32 hrs.
4' = 0.000758 miles of backwards movement per hour.

So running forwards 20.52 miles on my treadmill over 3.32hrs of time means that my physical body actually moved backwards 0.0025miles. Bummer.


SteveQ said...

I just did 4 hours on the trails at Afton in the dark in the snow. I might have to rethink my position on treadmills.

grimeyrunner said...

I think this confirms that there is a space/time continuum that belongs only to treadmills.
I think there might be another just for steveg's.