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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summer schedule released

...and when I say "released" I mean my friends and I sat down the other night and wrote all our weekend sporting trips onto the calendar.

The highlight is the backpacking/mountain climbing trip to Wyoming from June 28 - July 13th. We'll hit the Wind River Range and the Bighorns (Cloud Peak Wilderness Area). We did two trips there last year, but due to gas prices we'll just spend the gas on one LONG trip.

We also have planned two water-skiing/tubing weekends, 3 weekends of more "general State Park camping" with mountain bikes, a trip to Lost Lake over Memorial Day (up near the Lost 40), a trip out to Wisconsin mountain biking over Labor Day, and the State Fair. I also have a dirt bike I need to learn how to ride more comfortably. Outside of these "Fab 4" trips (my pack of single/unmarried friends) I am also doing the MS150 bike ride.

How do these weekend plans affect my possible trail race schedule?

I'll probably do:
Superior 50K
Voyageur 50mile
Superior 100mile
Other little trail runs as I feel like it

I'd like to do, but should I skip my other plans?:
Ice Age 50mile
Lean Horse 50/100mile

Money is awfully tight for me now, so I'm not sure if I can even afford to do all these races. I'm still undecided. I have until 5/4 to register for Ice Age.

No running the last two days. Also haven't slept much. Maybe tomorrow I'll do both.

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