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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Heart Rate experiment

5.5 hrs from when I went to bed until I woke up. Took atleast 1/2hr to fall asleep, so really it was 5 hours sleeping.

Average heart rate 61
Max heart rate 110

I wish it showed me Minimum heart rate--I'd be curious.


Wayne said...

Diane - I did this last Fall, and now you've prompted me to do it again... maybe tonight. There was more activity than I expected. It did seem like I was tossing and turning quite a bit. Here's a graph of the data:

SteveQ said...

That must've been quite the dream! My monitor gives minimums, but it's not very useful. My heart rate at Leadville altitude was 110 on awakening.

Diane said...


Very interesting results. What heart rate monitor do you have that you can graph it like that?! Way cool!


I am sleep-deprived over the last three nights, which I'm hypothesizing might be why my heart rate is higher than I would have expected for sleeping. Heck! Watching t.v. on the couch I usually end up in the high 30's/low 40's. Why sleeping my average would be 61 I don't know.

Wayne said...

Diane - I have a garmin forerunner 305, so I just turn the gps part off and use that to collect the heart rate data. I did it again last night and the data looks pretty similar to last Fall.