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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Other potential goals I haven't done

So what happened to me?

The last Sunday that I ran, the first few steps were definitely painful, but each step got better. Within a few miles there was NO pain at all and I ran the full 10 miles. To be safe I went home and iced the previously painful area.

I woke up Monday with DEFINITE pain. It hurt to walk on my left left. My left ankle felt "creaky" when I'd point it. Obviously I would be done running until it felt better. I still don't know what it was, although it reminds me of what I self-diagnosed as a stress fracture back in the fall of 2004. Same area and same sort of pain (but again, self-diagnosed). Although it has improved, I still occasionally get tweaks of pain, especially going down stairs or right away in the morning.

Another goal I've had that I've never done is to eat nothing but Peeps for a month, or maybe during all of Lent.

Also, yesterday at work I got to talking with a couple of co-workers about White Castle Crave cases (100 hamburgers) and I thought an interesting challenge would be to attempt to eat the entire case and then run/walk the number of miles needed to burn them off. At 140 calories apiece, that's maybe 140 miles? Then our marketing manager suggested that I didn't have to eat them all before the miles; maybe I could use them as sustenance DURING the run. I'm not sure; would that degrade the challenge? I do like the idea of running for 48 hours on a treadmill at Lifetime with a Crave Case.


SteveQ said...

I can stomach most foods but White Castle...ewww. Peeps are alright.
I'm seriously considering doing a "black fast" for Lent - bread and water, to raise money for a food-related charity; I'm not so good at such challenges.

Pain in the morning that gets better as you run is almost always tendinitis. Stress fractures would get continuously more painful as you went. Deep massage is probably the best treatment.

If you do the treadmill with crave case thing - contact the PR departments of Lifetime and White Castle first. You could be famous.

Mike T Nelson said...

Bugger about the leg pain.

Some times lots of treadmill running can do odd things to the way your nervous system gets wired since the joints say "yes you are moving" but the eyes say "no you are not moving" and the brain gets confused.

Usually it can be changed with eye exercises since the muscles that control eye movement are, well, muscles and they can be trained.

Let me know what you need
Heal fast
Mike N

Diane said...

I may try some real outdoor running once the temperature is more "Diane-friendly" (maybe in May?).

Mike, how did you choose to address the treadmill running over the diet of Peeps and White Castle? Probably drove you crazy! ;-)

Mike T Nelson said...

Peeps and white castle are a lethal combo that should not be mixed!
Rock on
Mike N