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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

12/31/08 (Day 5): 10 miles (10min/mi). 2pm-4pm. Listened to 2 episodes of "This American Life" podcast, which is equally dangerous as I'm just as likely to fall off the treadmill crying as I am laughing. Slept 4 hours last night as I kept RR company while he mudded my new garage walls, but I did take a 3.5 hour nap late afternoon/early evening before that.

1/1/09 (Day 6): 10 miles (10min/mi). 2pm-4pm. For some reason my ipod battery was dead--maybe I'd left it unlocked in my purse and a button turned it on so it played all night. I don't know. I ALMOST went home to charge it up and come back later, but as I have to run early tomorrow before work(s), I didn't want to do an evening run. I did something I rarely do: a run without outside entertainment, only my thoughts to amuse me. Not too bad. Slept a broken 8 hours or so, dozing between 5a-7a and up for half an hour or so between 10a-11a.

I'm having a twinge of left calf pain, but only slightly. Remember I went from 0 miles per week to 20 miles in a week, to 70 miles per week, slightly more than the recommended mileage increase levels. I've done it before successfully, but again, I might be nuts, but I'm not crazy. If I am injured I'll stop.

New Year's Eve last night had a pack of us out for dinner at Timberlodge Steakhouse and then to Rapids Bar and Grill to ring in the New Year. Had a great time.

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