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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good job-news

I think I'd mentioned in a comment a few weeks ago that my life and work hours might be getting a little easier:

I've been working for the last almost 4 years with a local Eye MD group, as clinical assistant for one of the surgeons. Due to reasons that would be more appropriately discussed with you all in a non-internet venue, I decided in December to step out of that position and become a ophthalmic technician for the same practice. This is a good move for me. First of all, instead of living in Coon Rapids and working between our Bloomington and Maplewood offices (about 1-1.5h of commute time a day), I'll be working the majority of the time (80-85%) at our Coon Rapids office (5 miles away). Instead of working every hour my doctor is in clinic (often 45-50hr/wk), I will be expected to avoid overtime. Instead of being at the top of my position's payscale, I'll keep my current pay, maybe get a raise at my April review, and have room to grow. I have one more week of training my replacement before I start on my own training.

I lived in Washington D.C. for 9 months in 2004-5, having started a 2 year program to be an Ophthalmic Technician. The program was a waste of my time, I dropped out of school (always wanted to say I've done that), and I studied on my own and earned the same level of certification while working on the job. My new position will basically entail what I had planned on doing to begin with.

Also, at my part time job I was hired on by the company as opposed to being a temp employee. I did get a small raise, and I've changed my hours to start at 8p on work nights instead of 6p.

Pretty darn soon I'll be able to reasonable get a work-out in in the a.m., in the evening, or between jobs.


Anonymous said...

Congradulations, nice to find something you really like to do.
Free time to play as well and train. I think I have 3 races picked out for this year. Just need to get the logistics in order with the family.....Stew

Diane said...

Thanks! I start my training next week and am pretty excited.

I'm not sure what races, if any, I'll do this coming year. I'll just play it by ear like usual!

Londell said...

Been a while sine the last post... Hope you are well!