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Friday, August 15, 2008

Treadmill Day 46-52

My goal this week is to continue running near daily to really try to build the habit back up. Even though I did some late night runs last week (considering I'm up at 5:30a for work) I only missed two days.

Saturday, Aug. 9: 6mi (10min/mi) while watching an episode of "Flip This House" and an episode of "Curb...". I enjoy the fact that even the people on "Flip..." run into problems and headaches. Nice to know it's not just me.

Sunday, Aug. 10: Did 18 holes of golf. No running.
Monday, Aug. 11: My b-day. No running.
Tuesday, Aug. 12: No excuse, just no running.
Wednesday, Aug. 13: Went to Valleyfair and ate too much at TGIF's. No running.
Thursday, Aug. 14: Umm... no running.
Friday, Aug. 15: Left for the cabin after work.

Recap: Total of 74.25 treadmill miles (6 for the week).

Thanks, Londell, for pointing out that not only was I too lazy/busy to run, but I was not even able to update the post that automatically popped up Friday night to keep me accountable.


Londell said...

OK, the math confuses me... I come up with 26 miles? You have 68... Is there a secret?

Diane said...

Secret math, Londell, secret math.

I updated that post because it was HORRIBLY inaccurate. Thanks for pointing that out!