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Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy weekend

On Saturday we checked out the Elk River Country Club where I had another stellar game of golf (9 holes anyways). I scored a 57 which for me is very good. I've somehow really improved my game this year without trying.

We also did some night time mountain biking at the Blast in Elk River. They've added a lot of new obstacles on the course that I haven't seen as this was my first visit this year. I was a little concerned that I was doing the course in the dark wearing a headlamp and passing signs that said "DANGER, NEW OBSTACLE" and "EASIER, GO LEFT". (I went left... I could see that going right went straight down a hill littered with rocks). I wish I could have taken a picture of the sign saying "ADVANCED ONLY, 'THE BALL BUSTER'" illuminated by my headlamp as I zoomed by. I'll have to check it out in the day time too.

Sunday was the State Fair. I went on the 2Extreme ride which was darn fun, and also Techno Power.

I'm pissed off at the fair for their upgrade, however, to the Magnum P.I. ride. I LOVE the Magnum ride, less for the ride itself than for the fact that there was a very large replication of Tom Selleck's big old forehead gracing the backdrop of the ride. It was so lame and corny that it was cool. I get there this year and the ride is still there, but they've changed the name to "Magnum" and have repainted the backdrop as some stupid beach scene. No real Magnum. I refused to ride.

Instead of Magnum I spent my midway tickets at the freak show where I saw Zimora the Gorilla girl, Voltara the electric girl, a man with gross fat rolls who laid down shirtless on a bed of nails, a woman with hairy armpits who was "beheaded", and the two head Egyptian princess. Very, very lame. But the lamest of all (making it the best of all) was the snake girl who had the head of a girl but the body of a snake. I'm telling you that this was very OBVIOUSLY fake (yes, even in comparison to the other "freaks"). A kindergartener could have done better. The display case had a stuffed snake body (the quality of really cheap fair game stuffed animal) wrapped around a "tree limb" with a hole where some girl stuck her head into the box.


SteveQ said...

In the sideshow, I miss Popeye, an accountant from Minneapolis who could make his eyeballs stick out about an inch. The posters outside show Blockhead, but it must be a new guy, as the original (from Baraboo) would be 85-90 years old. Also, two of the posters look like Mr. Lifto from the Jim Rose Circus at Coney Island. Ask me some time how I know this stuff!

Londell said...

Based on your writing, is it safe to assume you are not doing the 100 this year?