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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My best game of golf

Today I had my best game of golf ever.

Yesterday we went to Greenhaven (in Anoka) and golfed the front 9 holes. I scored a 62 which is above average for me. RR gives me a hard time for all the lucky shots I get: the ball goes right between two trees (with an inch to spare on each side), lucky bounces in just the right direction, etc.

Back to Greenhaven today. I scored a 57 on the back 9! That's by far the best I've golfed there; usually I'm in the mid to high-60's. It was still a nice night after we finished 9 so we decided to do the front 9 again. This time I scored 65, which was much more average for me.

Beautiful day to be outside.


SteveQ said...

Happy Birthday to You.
You Live in a Zoo.
You Look Like a Monkey
And You Smell Like One Too.

Playground songs still rule!

Have a great day.

Diane said...

Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Busy week for B-days, mine was last Thurs. Tried a 31 miler at Afton on Friday. Made one loop in reverse, blew out a shoe, and a couple hugh blisters on my toes. I should have played golf......Happy b-day...stew

Diane said...

Happy b-day (a little late) to you, too, Stew!