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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekly Running Update (10/11-10/13/09)

Weekly running mileage: 15 miles

Sunday: Watched a "Numb3rs" marathon on TNT and then the Twins. No running.

Monday: 5 miles, rather slow.

Tuesday: 10 miles

Yes, this was quite the short "week" if you count the number of days, but I ran more miles than last week. I'm still plugging away at "The L Word" and I continue to have the same opinion: some of the story lines are SO contrived, but I really do enjoy it. I also have "The World at War" to watch next. My other television watching goals include "Lost". And maybe the last 4 seasons of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". I also think I'm behind on "The Shield" and "24". I had better get running.

Why would I do a mid-week report like this? Well, I'm starting a training plan tomorrow and it will just be more organized if I mirror my reporting week to a training week. Makes sense, right?


Londell said...

Makes sense but could it be you work out more on weekdays and party weekends and it is esiier to report after a workout? Kiding. Envy you right now. Might need to buy a treadmill?

Diane said...

I REALLY like the convenience of having a treadmill. REALLY.

Partying? Hmm... you decide: on Saturday I cleaned our camper, went to Mass, and watched t.v. before falling asleep before 11p watching the Wild game. Sunday involved watching t.v. until I could go to a friend's house to watch t.v. (Twins), and then helping to move the camper. Not too exciting of a weekend!

SteveQ said...

I'm starting a new training regimen too! Walked 3 miles yesterday - slowly.

Diane said...

Last week I was weight training... I thought if I ate enough pizza and increased my body weight that my leg muscles would get a better workout.