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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly Running Update (10/14 -10/20/09)

Weekly running mileage: 32 miles (planned 36 miles)

Wednesday: 6 miles at 5.5mph (planned 0 miles). Already skipping my rest days. Actually I just preemptively switched my planned Wednesday and Thursday runs as I was giving blood after work on Thursday and didn't want to commit to running after that. I have a history of fainting as I stand and eat my post-donation snack. And also a history of this.

Thursday: 0 miles (planned 6 miles). Successfully shared some of my O+ with the world. No fainting. Forced myself to sit at the recovery table for 10 minutes eating pretzels. My blood pressure prior to giving was 88/58. Does that seem awfully low?

Friday: 6 miles at 5.5mph (planned 6 miles)

Saturday: 0 miles (planned 0 miles). I scored some free tickets to the Home Improvement Expo at the Mpls Convention Center, so Eforce and I headed down there. I bought a book called "Whiteout" by a local author. I think the author is local; the publisher is.

Sunday: 8 miles at 6.7mph (planned 8+ miles). Also did a little speed work: 0.06mi x4 at 9mph (That's for you, Steve... I know you like to see me write in treadmill lingo). I planned on doing x8, but I noticed that although I'd feel fine running the fast speed I would feel pretty crappy for the time between repeats (0.06mi at 5mph... I'm not going to spend the time to convert that to minutes). My heart would feel like it was pounding out of my chest even the I could tell my pulse was racing. And then I started feeling a little faint. After the 4th repeat my world started swimming around me and I decided I really didn't want to risk passing out and flying off the back end of the treadmill. We were supposed to go golfing at Bunker Hills Golf Course in the afternoon. For X-mas about 2 years ago I gave RR a gift certificate for a round of golf that we keep putting off. And we did yet again. Maybe 2010?

Monday: 2 miles at 5.5mph (planned 6 miles). Got together with a friend for dinner (Potbelly's with a chocolate malt) and didn't get home until late.

Tuesday: 10 miles at 6.7mph (planned 10 miles). Finished the second season of "The L Word." Now I need to decide what I'm going to watch next; do I immediately jump to season 3 (which will involve renting it from Blockbuster) or do I watch "The World At War" (which I already have at my house)?


Londell said...

Was Ken Follett the author of your whiteout... I know my girlfriend could not get through the book... If it is, hope you like it?

Diane said...

The author is Brian Duren. So far I've only read about 1 chapter and I'm not impressed yet. Hopefully it'll get better as I read... I'll let you know!

kirby said...

Yeah! Good motivation post for me. I'm going to do a half on Super Bowl Sunday... which sounds like a long way away, but really, it isn't!

I did 5 on Sunday & another 5 on Tuesday. Planning for a Friday or Saturday run as well. :)

Way to give blood. I tried last month and couldn't because of low iron (and I'm concerned about my meat consumption. Oy!).

Diane said...

Good luck on the half! I'm not sure what I'm training for... could be for the Miami marathon at the end of January (the timing is right), but I'm not convinced I want to spend the money and deal with the hassle. Maybe I'll run a treadmill marathon in my garage? I'm following a training plan and have my paces set to train for about a 3:45 marathon. We'll see. I've been eating healthy however and getting more in the routine of training. I'd like to lose a little weight, too.