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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekly Running Update (8/30 - 9/5/09)

Well, I broke the rules again and increased my mileage by more than the recommended no-more-than-10% a week. I went from 15 miles during the first 2 weeks of August, to 22 miles the weekend of Ragnar Relay, to, oh, a 300% increase to 62 miles for last week. Feeling fine, however, especially after taking 2 days off over the holiday weekend. We hauled the camper up to Scenic State Park (north east of Grand Rapids) for an absolutely gorgeous weekend, much better than the complete rain-out we experienced in our tents 3 weeks ago. Did about 3 hours of canoeing on Monday, about 5-6 miles of biking, and a couple miles of hiking.

All this week (M-F) I worked on my landscaping for a few hours after work (in running clothes) before jumping on the treadmill. I found it to be as close to train running on a treadmill as I could come, as by the time I'd start running I'd be covered in dirt.

Sunday: 6 miles and then off to the State Fair.

Monday: 8 miles

Tuesday: 11 miles

Wednesday: 5 miles

Thursday: 10 miles

Friday: Skipped running (planned 6 miles). I don't think I wimped out, but I justified not running since I knew that by the time I finished my landscaping it'd be awfully late and that my Saturday run would be important.

Saturday: Was not sure I'd have enough time to sneak in a quick 15 mile run, but due to the combination of setting my alarm for reasonably early on a Saturday (7:45a) and the fact that we didn't end up even being close to leaving for up north until noon, I had more than enough time to run, shower, and pack. Watched some movie on Labor Day about a couple who helped catch a man selling babies under the guise of adoption.


Londell said...

Sounds like you are doing fine even with the increase. So I thought you would only watch movies on the treadmill? (Kidding) Glad training is going well and you sound like it is enjoyable. Stay healthy!

Diane said...

I am doing well and enjoying myself! I need to get the next season of "The Shield" to watch as well as re-borrow "The World at War" documentary from my dad!