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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tada! Front Exterior Pictures!

I'll post more pictures from my realtor tomorrow, but will quick get these up tonight. I'll probably re-post, as my "after" shot was done without the best lighting.


Diane said...

"After" picture is the brown paint. I'd like to think that's obvious.

Londell said...

The trash can makes the difference... Mayby add that feature back in?

Good luck with the changes.

SteveQ said...

I thought the RV was the difference... somewhere to live during the fumigation.

Diane said...

Yeah, that trash can obviously was in a bad location when I bought the house last year. I think I must have rushed taking pictures, because I probably could have moved that!

Steve, if everything goes well and I sell both houses, I might HAVE to live in the camper until I can close on a different house. Either that or rent from the Enforcer and live... in the house I'm living in now. Confusing.