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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Planning Day

We spent a lot of time today planning our trip to Wyoming, and I think we have it almost figured out.

We also made it out to Greenhaven golf course to do 9 holes. It's only my 2nd time out this year and I golfed a 63. I have 3 years worth of old score cards to pull out to make a comparison, but I didn't take the time. I'd have to say that's about average for me on this course.

We had some jerk tee off almost right into us... we had teed off but then couldn't take an approach shot as the people ahead of us were still on the green. For some reason the guys behind us didn't pay any attention and almost conked us.

Beautiful day, and we finished before the light sprinkles came through.

I bought a new incline treadmill and I'd LOVE to have it set up right now. It's a 2 person project that will probably take a couple hours (or I can have RR do it by himself in 1 hour). I'm debating going out to take a look at it.

This treadmill does not have roots and rocks on the belt, but as it goes up to a 40% incline, I am debating trying to train for a mountainous 100 miler only using the treadmill. Hmmmm...


Wayne said...

40%?!?! Wow!
That's gonna hurt. :)

Diane said...

Yeah, I played around with it at the store on a number of occasions... 40% is WAY extreme! Add my weight vest to that (20-40lbs) and I'll be getting quite the workout! And great training for my WY trip.

Anonymous said...

You can alway place a big timbers 8x6 under the backend to get the same effect for the downhill.
I was in Colorado last week, had one downhill stretch of 4 miles.Was that ever fun......stew

SteveQ said...

Two problems with that treadmill: 1) $1600 (I know you found one cheap somewhere, but still...)
2) It only supports 300 pounds. If I'm climbing 40% grades, I'm carrying 150 lbs (usually another person).

Diane said...

Good point, Steve. There goes my idea of getting all my workouts vicariously through you climbing at 40% while I ride piggyback. Darn it.