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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Here's a contest for all my loyal followers

I don't really know if I have many loyal followers, although by definition, anyone who still casually follows along must have some sense of loyalty as I've been very bad about blogging.

I'm going over 2 years of receipts trying to get and stay organized for future tax filings. I've already (rather hastily) filed my 2008 taxes, but have realized there's quite a bit in I've forgotten to claim that could get me more of a refund back. Being that to claim it I'd have to do an amended return, I figure I better really have my ducks in a row in case the friendly IRS person wants more info. (I plan on drowning the forementioned IRS person in paperwork... imagine copies of 2 months worth of renovation receipts).

So anyways, I'm going through old receipts, categorizing what was purchased on each receipt (in general) and what bigger project that purchase might belong to. For example, on 3/13/08 I spent $174.56 at Home Depot on painting supplies for "Interior painting--office". (Have I posted office pictures before? I don't think I have, but will... RR's paint job, an artistic ragged glaze effect, always gets rave reviews).

Home Depot receipts are HORRIBLE for trying to determine what an item might be. Lowes often is okay... I can translate most items based on the purchase date, what project was going forward at the time, or the other items on the receipt.

Now here's the contest:

What on earth is this item (based on receipt description): WDGRPR9"RLCG < a > (cost $5.97 plus tax)??!?

Anyone who is able to tell me WHAT item this is will win said item. No, I don't have any clue what the item is, although as it only cost $5.97 in 3/2008, I feel comfortable volunteering to purchase it as a prize. If it ends up being a 10ft long item, I might have to drive it to you as opposed to mailing.


Wayne said...

of course I tried to google it... and found your page. :)
I'm going to guess it's a paint brush, like maybe a 9" one??

Diane said...

I think you might be close... a 9" something. The purchase date is close to when we were painting my office.

I might have to go to Home Depot tonight with the receipt to ask!

Wayne said...

yeah, a 9" brush would be pretty big so maybe a roller? (oh no, do we only get one guess??)

let us know what you find out! :)

Londell said...

I am thinking April fools? Seems to legit but are trying to see who will seek the answer just to get us on this day?

SteveQ said...

Wide grip pliers?
Window glaze repair?
Word group/random?

Diane said...

That would have been a great April Fool's joke, Londell, but it's actually a real receipt.

Random word group is right, Steve. Someone might pay big money for the poetry which is a home Depot receipt.

Anonymous said...

I actually went out to the home depot web site and matches....I think it is the 9" roller pad for painting. Stew

Anonymous said...

I tried to cheat......I onlt made two trips to Home depot this weekend. I took the receipt code with me and had the cashier look it up. nothing came up.....stew

SteveQ said...

I'm up to "Wood Age Repair" brand 9-inch... something.