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Monday, April 6, 2009

And the answer is...

Wow, good guesses by everyone, and I bet Home Depot noticed an increase in customer traffic this weekend as everyone attempted to find out what the heck the WDGRPR9"RLCG was.

I'm very glad that I did not include the UPC# as part of the clue, as I think that would have made it much easier.

Honestly I thought that I was probably going to have to buy everyone a 9" roller cover, as that answer seemed right on.

Unfortunately we were all close, but all wrong, and remember, "close" only matters in slow dancing and hand grenades.

The answer was: 9 In. 5 Wire Frame Paint Roller Handle.

Thanks everyone for your guesses! That was fun!


Londell said...

Logical... how did we all miss that? Will you be coming down to Zumbro this weekend to pace anyone or just to have fun...or are you running it?

Diane said...

Hi Londell,

I am not sure what I plan on doing this weekend. I have Friday off from work, requested to run the race, but am not yet registered nor very well prepared. Haven't committed but haven't ruled it out. Not sure what I'm waiting for!

Wayne said...

So how did you figure out the final answer??

Come on down to Zumbro Bottoms... everyone's doing it. :)

SteveQ said...

I thought RLCG couldn't be a ratchet-line caulk gun. Even at 9 inches, that'd be cheap.

Diane said...

I found the answer using the one item of info I didn't post... the actual UPC.

I've never heard of a ratchet-line caulk gun, but it does sound like it'd be a higher priced item, Steve. I kept seeing "CG" as standing for Cover Girl, although I'm pretty sure that Home Depot doesn't sell cosmetics!

SteveQ said...

The women I see at Home Depot don't wear much makeup. Flannel and Doc Martens are prevalent.

Diane said...

And the 50-something year old men in millwork don't seem to wear much by way of cosmetics.