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Friday, December 12, 2008

Update-- I need a sponsor

Well, I did my 9 miles on no sleep on Tuesday, worked until 3:30p, got home, shoveled, and went to bed.

My alarm went off at 2:45 on Wednesday and I said, NO WAY, and slept for 2 more hours. Worked (6:15a-5p) and then did my 10 miles.

Because Thursday was a 2 job day, I had no choice but to do the miles in the morning. So less than 8 hours after I got off the treadmill the night before, back I was at it, doing my 11miles (before work at 6:15a).

I ALMOST didn't run on Thursday. I started getting a sore throat sometime early Wednesday, and by the end of the day my voice was getting pretty hoarse. I took a bite of my toast on Thursday morning and was met with intense pain. I don't have any interest in getting myself sick, and I hesitated, but decided to do the run.

Well, today, Friday. I guess this is it. No miles for me today. I started coughing overnight, my throat still hurts, and I'm a little stuffed up. I slept for 10+ hours, and again, since I have no desire to get myself sick, I'm not running today.

My legs feel fine, and if not sick, I know I could go on.

I enjoy this goal, and I think for the rest of the month I'll try to run the miles if I'm healthy and if it isn't going to mean no sleep at all. I'll keep trying, but the part time job really means I can't sanely complete this goal. The part time job means I have a couple nights a week that I can only get 3 hours of sleep, and running 15-20 miles day after day instead of sleep just really won't work.

Thanks for all the support of my commenters; I appreciate it!


Londell said...

You made it 9 more days than I would have! Stopping sounds like the smart thing to do. You do not need a major illness.

Diane said...

Thanks! I'm pretty sure I'd stay sick or get sicker if I didn't let my body recover. I might be crazy, but I'm no fool!

SteveQ said...

Now... sleep an extra one hour tonight, two hours tomorrow, three...

Diane said...

Steve, that's awesome... except I seem to be going the wrong direction: I slept 12hrs Thursday night, 8hrs on Friday night, 8hrs Saturday night, 7 last night, and I'll probably get 3 tonight. I like your plan better.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had the resources to sponsor you....I think your escapades are entertaining. Always setting a goal of some kind. I have tried to teach my kids that. I get crazy looks/reactions to running 30+ miles, triathlon, flame out at 40miles of a 50 mile race, etc. I don't see much excitment sitting in a boat staring at a bobber. Or felling alive for that matter. I think Teddy Roosevelt has a few quotes on the matter. This one probably say it best;
Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorius triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat......stew

Diane said...

Thanks, Stew, for your compliment and support. I really do like that Teddy Roosevelt quote. I do try to have an interesting life, and I've never been above dreaming and planning large and moving forward, even if I end up not succeeding.