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Friday, October 24, 2008

What has Diane been reading/listening to?

"Me Against My Brother": I can't find my original blog on this book, but I think during my first review I couldn't remember the title. Well, the title came to me. This is a book I really enjoyed that I read in Wyoming last summer (2007). It tells about a journalist's experience in war torn areas in Africa.

"Into the Wild"
: Listed to it on audiobook. I loved "Into Thin Air" and this was written by the same author and tells the story of a 20-something year old who walked into the wilderness to live off the land. He wasn't successful, dying within 5 months or something. Not as good as "Into Thin Air" but worth my time. My favorite part of the book was when the author Jon Krakauer was telling the story about one of his close calls on the side of a mountain. I guess the book is a movie now. Have not seen it.

"The Innocent Man": LOVED this book by John Grisham. Listened to it on audiobook. The whole book was read in such a way that I guessed it was nonfiction and found out for sure during the epilogue at the end. I'd definitely recommend this book, about two men who were wrongly convicted for a rape/murder and spent years in prison/death row before DNA evidence exonerated them.

"The World Without Us"
: I had considered purchasing this book to take to Wyoming with me last year, so was pleased to find it at the library on audio book. Well, I just couldn't handle listening to it; my mind continually wandered off before I got through the first CD. I'll have to check out the actual book to read, as I still find the book's premise interesting.


SteveQ said...

Haven't read "World Without Us," but I always figured raccoons would take over the world. They've got opposable thumbs, are omnivores and can stand on their hind legs (walking is next). Their language skills are questionable, though.

Diane said...

This book was different from what I expected in that it looked backwards to older civilizations. I think it's because it was so different that my mind couldn't follow the audiobook (if THAT makes sense). Maybe if I'd had a written outline.

You ever see the raccoons in "The Great Outdoors"? I think there's a possibility!