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Saturday, November 15, 2008

To know the truth

I got a lot of reading done while I was in Atlanta, between airports and all the airport-associated waiting and evenings back at the hotel room with not much else to do.

First, I started a book about the identity of DeepThroat (written in 2000) that looked really good--so good, in fact, that I had renewed it from the library to their limit and I had to return it on the 12th. In it the author began at the introduction stating how he would prove that Deep Throat was John Sears. Wait a second, I thought, he's not Deep Throat! So I stopped reading the book. I still have "All the President's Men" on my to-read (and to-watch) list, and I certainly don't want to confuse myself. (Note, I just attached the hyperlink book review and the review makes the book look really good. I'm kind of regretting returning the book to the library unread, but alas, I was out of time).

Next, my book of irony: The Coming Crash of the Housing Market (written in 2003). I bet a lot of people are kicking themselves that they didn't read this book and prepare themselves! I found the book very interesting, and it took me exactly the length of a flight from Atlanta to MN to read it.

In Atlanta I also read a couple works of fiction, more specifically two books by Jodi Piccoult ("Mercy" and "The Tenth Circle"). Good enough. Her books are easy reads with fairly good stories and make good time fillers. I don't read a lot of fiction. I have a long history of skipping the unnecessary words while reading... I just don't feel like reading a paragraph describing the texture of a dress or something, so I typically skip to dialogue. I distinctly remember my parents doubting my true reading speed as a kid, understanding that I finished books much faster than would be possible. Once they gave me a test... gave me a short amount of time to read a passage in the book, and then quizzed me on the details. One of the questions was "What did so-and-so eat for lunch?" I had no clue. The answer was "nothing"--in the book this kid says he ran out the door without eating. Fine, I was busted. I did NOT read and take in every bit of the book, but really? Was it that important?

I also do this with movies, especially action movies. Why do I need a long fight scene? My mind tends to wander and I tune back in when there's a winner.


SteveQ said...

Don't watch "Shogun Assassin," then. 119 fight scenes in 94 minutes. Without them, the plot would be hard to follow!

Diane said...

I can't even imagine!

SteveQ said...

Haven't got to "Blink" yet, but "Outliers" resonates with me, as do most of Gladwell's stuff. You might get into "Freakonomics," if you haven't read that, too.

Diane said...

I'm heading to the library, so I might look for some more of his books.